Kinetix is now on GYMHUB

Looking for a gym for the short term, or wanting to try us out before committing? Find us on GYMHUB today!

Kinetix Inspired Fitness on GYMHUB is perfect people who are:

  • On the road and wanting to stay in shape by going to a gym with ZERO long term commitments
  • Trying out gyms before signing a membership
  • Busy and are unable to commit to a steady gym schedule

Find us on the app today, available for download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

How It Works

Gymhub uses an app on your phone to help you check in at our front desk. This technology is similar to Google Pay and Apple Pay. Say good bye to bar codes or check-in codes that you have to memorize. Plus, we offer 1/2/3 day passes, a week pass AND a monthly pass.

All you need is to select which pass works for you when selecting Kinetix Inspired Fitness on your Gymhub app, then come to our facility and check in. It’s that easy!

Why Choose Kinetix

Our facility has a large free weight area with a dumbbell rack, flat and adjustable benches. Our gym also has a power rack, a squat rack and a deadlift platform, perfect for compound lifts. We have various cable machines plus a large selection of cardio equipment – from treadmills, stair masters, exercise bikes and elliptical machines.

We also have a functional training area, as well as space for combat sports training.

Ready to join Kinetix Inspired Fitness?

View our membership plans and see which one is the perfect fit for you!