Self-Defense Class from Weapon Brand

Self-Defense and More!

From disabilities to elite athletes - fuel your vitality, embrace your power, and rise unbreakable.

About this Class

Elevate your fitness journey while becoming your own weapon in self-defense with Brian Anderson-Needham. He is a former US Marine sniper, platoon sergeant, and Route Recon Forward Operator. Beyond battlefields, he conquered roles like the State of Ohio’s hostage negotiator, violent fugitive recovery specialist, and defensive training specialist. He pioneered a state-wide program shaping 50,000+ law enforcement officers.

Experience up to 9 forms of martial arts like jiu-jitsu and MMA while getting in shape and learning to defend yourself.

Class Features

  •  Self-defense
  • Weapons safety
  • Weapons retention
  • Boxing
  • Knife attack defense
  • Ground defense
  • Abduction prevention


  • Varies


  • Varies


The first session is free when you join Kinetix Inspired Fitness

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